Latest Products Latest Products 17-05-02 en-us Deboskin Oil Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 The contains of Daboskin oil are rich curing all the types of stubborn skin diseases. Its local use is safe and nontoxic.Composition : Oil Contains : Marichyadi Taila - 20.00  % Ark Taila - 20.00  % Karanj Taila - 20.00  % Nimb Taila - 15.00  % Bakuchi Taila - 10.00  % Gandhak Taila - 15.00  % Medical Description : Marichyadi Taila & Ark Taila : These two are very effective in dry and wet Eczema and penetrate deep inside the skin. Karanj Taila & Nimb Taila : These taila’s work very well in scabies, purities, and external piles as well as in all the types of contagious skin disorder. It is mainly used in Elopoceae. Bakuchi Taila& Gandhak Taila : Bakuchi is known for its quality to cure all types of dermic diseases. Gandhak taila works effectively in Ringworm, Eczema, Pruritis and Scabies. Indications : Dermatitis Dry and Wet Eczema Ringworm Scabies Psoriasis Bacterial and fungal infection Leprosy Elopoceae Applicatio : To be applied upon the affected area of the skin two to three times a day.Packing : 50, 100 & 450 mlWarning : For external use only. Not to be applied on wound and burn. Perali Oil Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Perali oil is a combination of six most important classical oils to promote a normal rhythum of your body parts by its external application. It rejuvene scence a tissue of our movable parts.Composition : Each 10 ml contains : Kunchala Taila - 25 % Mahanarayan Taila - 25 % Nirgundi Taila - 15 % Mahavishgarbh Taila - 15 % Sallaki Oil - 15 % Nilgiri Oil - 5 % Medical Description : Kunchala Taila : It contains “strichynia”. It gives consciousness of tissues of mind and awake it. Mahanarayan Taila : It is a widely common classical formulation for joint pain. It’s message is very benefit in relieving back & ribs pain. It strengthens the nerves, muscles and bones. Mahavishgarbh Taila : Specially formulation classical preparation for Rheumatoid arthritis and paralysis also. Nirgundi Taila : Nirgundi has the beneficial in ulcers, lymph enlargement and for massage to activate tissues. Sallaki Oil : It is an oil prepared from sallaki guggulu and very useful in paralysis, joint pain and in Rheumatoid arthritis. Nilgiri OIl : It gives sensation of our body tissues and remains active against attack of the restriction of blood flow. Indications : Paralysis Hemiplegia Paraplegia Facial Paralysis Sciatica Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis Spondylitis Post Surgical Condition in Orthopedic Cases Application :  Apply and rub smoothly on the affected parts of body.   Packing : 50 ml, 100 ml and 450 ml Rumon Oil Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Rumon oil contains all six most effective and potent herbal oils, they have the quality of penetrating deep inside the skin and muscles and give a quicker relief to the painful part of the body.Composition : Oil  Contains : Mahanarayan  Taila - 40.00 % Mahavishgarbha Taila - 20.00 % Panchgun Taila - 10.00 % Kapoor Taila - 10.00 % Gandhaberjo - 10.00 % Nirgundi  Taila - 10.00 % Medical Description : Mahanarayan Taila :  It is very effective in all types of aches, pains and cramps caused in the muscles and the body due to ‘dushtavant’. Mahavishgarbha Taila & Panchgun Taila : They work very well in sprain, frozen shoulder, backache, Gout, Rheumatoid arthritis etc. Kapoor Taila & Gandhaberjo : Those Two oil penetrate deep inside the skin and muscle there by help to relieve morning stiffness, Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout etc. Nirgundi Taila : It is useful in all the types of joint pain, backache, spondylitis etc. Indications : Rheumatoid Arthritis Chronic backache Gout Osteo Arthritis Spondylitis Sprain Application : To be applied upon the effective part of the body 2 to 3 times a day. Packing : 50, 100 & 450 ml Zoman Oil Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 The local application of Zoman oil provides prolonged retentive power and maintains erection during coitus and checks premature ejaculation.Composition :      Oil contains : Ashwagandha Taila - 20.00 % Vajikaran Taila - 40.00 % Shree Gopal Taila - 30.00 % Ling Taila - 10.00 % Medical Description : Ashwagandha Taila & Vajikaran Taila : These tailas increases desire by removing weak libido and maintains retentive power ensuring satisfaction. Shree Gopal Taila & Ling Taila : Checks premature ejaculation and removes sexual debility. Indications : Impotency Weak libido Sexual debility Male sterility Male infertility Local Application : Twice a day a gentle massage on sexual organPacking : 20 ml & 450 ml Cidity Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Owing to over intake of spicy and pungent food the mucosa of the esophagus and abdomen prevent normal release of the acids and the food remains semi digested which cause various type of acidic and gastric reflexes in the gastrointestinal tract. “Cidity” plays an important role in neutralizing the unwanted acidic and gaseous formations in the gastrointestinal tract.Composition : Each 10 ml contains : Udumberchhal - 600 mg. Yasthimadhu - 100 mg. Satavari - 100 mg. Guduchi - 100 mg. Usir - 100 mg. Shankh Bhasma - 5   mg. Mukta Bhasma - 0.01mg. Flavoured syrup base - q.s. Medical Description : Udumberchhal : This helps to sub side vayu & pitta. It helps in hyperacidity by pacifying the excessive pitta Yasthimadhu : This is most useful in hyperacidity and subduing pitta, irritating the mucosa. Satavari : This herb is health promoter and help to build up body resistance and Stamina as well as good in acidity.. Guduchi : It is anti pittaj medicine. It helps in reducing pitta and avoids burning sensation in abdomen. Shankh Bhasma & Mukta Bhasma : These calcium products are most useful in hyperacidity and subduing pitta, dyspepsia, heart burn acidity etc. Indications : Hyperacidity Anorexia Peptic ulcer Dyspepsia Osteo arthritis Heart burn Dosages : 1 to 2 tablespoonful twice a day.Packing : 200 ml. Codril Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Codril syrup helps to dilute cough and avoids congestion in lung. It also helps to keep away various types of viral and bacterial infection from the upper respiratory tract.Composition : Each 10 ml Contains : Vasa - 500 mg Kantkari - 300 mg Yasthimadhu - 300 mg Bibhitak - 300 mg Tulsi - 00 mg Haridra - 200 mg Sunthi - 50 mg Pipali -   50 mg Dalchini - 50 mg Elaichi - 50 mg Draksha - 50 mg Shuddha Navsar - 50 mg Excipients - Q.S. Medical Description : Vasa Ext : This dilutes cough and helps in expectoration of cough. It is widely used in productive cough as well as in chest congestion also. Kantkari : This herbal medicine liquefies the cough and avoids drying it. Yasthimadhu : It is cough nashak and helps in expectoration. It is a soothing medicine in sore throat. Bibhitak : It helps in expectoration and helps to build up immunity in the body. Tulsi & Haridra : Tulsi is one of the best coughnashak medicines as it helps in exudation, prevents drying of the cough and avoids chest congestion. It also works very well in productive cough. It helps in dilation of the bronchi. Sunthi & Pipali : This helps in removing the cough smoothly from the upper respiratory tract. Dalchini & Elaichi : This two herbal medicine eradicate cough from the throat i.e. from the channel of the body. It melts cough due to its “Ushna Virya “that is hot consistency. Draksha : It increases appetite and stimulates the digestive system and curbs dyspepsia. Shuddha Navsar : It liquefies the cough and avoids dryness of cough. Induces mucolysis and facilitates easy expectoration. Indications : In Productive Cough Dry Cough Bronchitis Asthma Pneumonia Whooping Cough Dosages : Adult  - 2 Teaspoon thrice a day. Children - 1 Teaspoon thrice a day. Packing : 100 & 200 ml Daboliv Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 The vital function of the body depends upon a healthy liver and Dabolive keeps the liver healthy to maintain good health.Composition : Each 10 ml. contains : Bhringraj - 200 mg Punarnava - 200 mg Sarpankha - 200 mg Kariyatu - 200 mg Bhoiamali - 100 mg Katuki - 100 mg Chitrakmool - 100 mg Kalimirch - 100 mg Giloi - 100 mg Indrajav - 100 mg Nishoth - 100 mg Dhania - 100 mg Gulabphool -  50 mg Excipients - Q.S.         Medical Description : Bhrinraj : This herb work efficiently intoning up liver function and controls biliary disorder. Punarnava : It helps in flushing urinary tract and diminishes oedama from all over the body.     It promotes good functioning of liver and gall bladder. Sarpankha, Kariyatu &Bhoiamali : These three herbs are best in cirrhosis of liver. It removes toxins by Regularizing the liver function. Katuki : This herbal medicine is appetizer, digestive and carminative too. Chitrak Mool : It is “Agnideepak” and stimulates enzymes actively. This helps in digestion. Kalimirch, Giloi : These two herbs are digestive and removes acidic reaction in the body by     Controlling pitta & stimulates the function of liver. Indrajav, Nishoth : These two herbs are carminative, digestive and work as smooth laxative. Dhania, Gulabphool : These two herbs are appetizer, digestive and add flavors. Indications: In Cirrhosis of liver In Chronic Hepatic disorder In Anemia In Dyspepsia Malnutrition Syndrome Dosages : 2 ml to 5 ml twice a dayPacking : 200 ml & 450 ml Goji Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Goji is a natual cough syrup that contains a honey base to relieve your cough symptoms. It worts on dry cough and safe to use for children age 2 to up.Composition : Each 10 ml. Contains extracts derived from : Gojihav - 150 mg Yastimadhu - 150 mg Sounf - 150 mg Draksha - 150 mg Anjir - 150 mg Unnab - 150 mg Vasa - 150 mg Jupha - 150 mg Gunda - 150 mg Tulsi - 150 mg Hansraj - 150 mg Gul-a-Banaphasa - 150 mg Atasi - 150 mg Khatmi - 150 mg Kantkari - 150 mg Kalimirch -  75 mg Honey - 2 gm Colour Ponceau 4R - q.s. Flavoured syrup base - q.s. Medical Description : Gojihva : Useful in Cough, Gastric problems, fever, urinary related problems. Yastimadhu : It is cough nashat & helps in expectoration. It is a soothing medicine in sore throat. Sounf : It helps in cough, Gas, Fever & Appetizer. Draksha : It increases appetite & stimulates the Digestive system and curbs by spepsia. Anjir : It helps to reduces bronchial asthma, Also as a blood purifier and for energy. Unnab : Specially ueful in cough, Dry cough and also helpful in Diarrohea. Vasa : This dilutes cough and helps in expectoration of cough. It as widely used in productive cough as well as in chest congestion also. Jupha : Due to kaphashamak it dissolves cough, also useful in asthmatic cough, fever and Digestive too. Gunda : It is cold in nature, useful to remove cough, worms, urinary infection and in fever. Tulsi : This is best cough nashak medicine as help in exudation, prevents drying of the cough and avoids chest congestion. They also work very well in productive cough & help in dilation of the bronchi. Hansraj : Useful specially in cough of children. Gul-e-banaphasa : Useful in all types of cough, fever, in Hyperacidity. Atasi : It helps removes cough from chest and also helps to reduce inflammation of lungs. Khatmi : Useful in cough and in Diarrhoea Kantkari : These herbal medicine liquefies the cough and avoids drying it. Kalimirch : It is “Trikshna” in quality and helps in digestion of food. Indication : In Productive cough Dry Cough Bronchitis Asthma Pneumonia Whooping cough Dosages : 1-2 tablespoon thrice a day or as directed by the physician.Packing : 100 ml, 200 ml, 450 ml Gynarim Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 It’s herbal medicine comprising of medicinal qualities as well as a general tonic for women from menarche to menopause period. This particular medicine works wonderfully for a smooth and normal life.Composition : Each 10 ml. Contains : Ashok - 300 mg Kumari - 300 mg Punarnava - 300 mg Lodhra - 200 mg Majith - 200 mg Nagkesar - 200 mg Satavari - 100 mg Dashmool - 100 mg Bhringraj - 100 mg Vasa - 100 mg Chandan - 100 mg Anantmool - 100 mg Nagarmoth - 100 mg Anarbeej - 100 mg Bilva - 100 mg Kherchhal - 100 mg Udumberchhal - 100 mg Amalaki - 100 mg Borsalichhal - 50 mg Excipients - Q.S Medical Description : Ashok & Kumari : These two herbal medicines make blood pure and avoid painful and irregular menstrual discharge. Punarnava : This helps to remove edema due to anemia of any origin and regularizes the blood flow. Lodhra , Majith & Nagkesar : These three have astringent quality and hence controls excessive menstrual flow and avoids leucorrhoea outflow & foul discharge too. Satavari, Dashmool : These supplies energy to the uterus and enables it to withstand normal delivery and type of abnormal bleeding. Bhringraj, Vasa : It helps to control all the doshas and tones up the uterine muscles and stimulates ovaries. Chandan, Anantmool : These are shitvirya aushadhi that is cold in nature and help to have a normal menstrual blood flow and eradicate the extra heat of body. Nagarmoth, Anarbeej : Helpful in removing dustha vat, pitta from the body and remove mucus from the intestines. Bilva, Kherchhal : These two work well in indigestion, mucus in intestines in colic etc. Udumberchhal, Amalaki & Borsalichhal : These medicines are Kashaya and restrict excess uterine blood flow and help to regularize the menstrual system. Indications : Metorrhagia Dysmenorrhea Polymenorrhoea Metritis Leucorrhoel foul discharge Amoebic Colitis Ovarian Cyst Dosages : 2 Tablespoon  thrice a dayPacking : 200 ml Hercoli Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Hercoli is one of the best digestive herbal medicine as well good appetizer safe antidiorrhoel too. It is a drug of choice for ulcerative colitis, amoebic dysentery.Composition : Each 10 ml Contains : Kadachhal - 600 mg Bilva - 400 mg Mochras - 400 mg Nagarmoth - 200 mg Devdar - 200 mg Usir - 200 mg Ativish - 200 mg Jaiphal - 200 mg Excipients  - Q.S. Medical Description : Kadachhal & Bilva : These two herbal medicines are very effecting in controlling diarrhea of any origin. By retaining the excessive loss of fluid in stool, they help to avoid dehydration in the body. Mochras & Nagarmoth : Owing to their astringent quality they work very well in checking dysentery as well as in inflammation of the bowels. Devdar & Usir : These two herbs play good role in simple as well as in infectious type of diarrhea. Ativish & Jaiphal : These two herbal medicines are digestive, vat & pitt nashak and controls diarrhea and help to bring back normalcy in consistency of the stool. Indications : Diarrhoea of any origin Dysentery Sprue Giardiasis Ulcerative Colitis Dosages : 2 TSF thrice dailyPacking : 100 ml & 200 ml Rimzyme Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Rimzyme is a good and effective appetizer and digestive also. It’s helpful in abdominal distention, gastric upset and after chronic illness as a health promoter.Composition : Each 10 ml Contains : Ashwagandha - 200 mg Draksha - 200 mg Punarnava - 200 mg Chitrakmool - 200 mg Ajwayan - 200 mg Haritaki - 200 mg Pipali - 200 mg Sunthi - 100 mg Nagarmoth - 100 mg Fudina - 100 mg Vidang - 100 mg Excipients - Q.S. Medical Description : Ashwagandha & Draksha : These two herbal drugs are health promoter, digestive and appetizer. Punarnava : Punarnava is well known medicine in dyspepsia and oedema. It helps to maintain body resistance also. Chitrakmool & Ajwayan : Its digestive, stimulate, agnidipak and vatnashak. Haritaki, Pipali & Sunthi : These herbal medicines are digestive, appetizer and increases energy. Nagarmoth, Fudina & Vidang : These three are digestive as well as kruminashak. Indications : Dyspepsia Anorexia Flatulence Weakness and obesity Post Sickness Abdominal Distention Dosages : Adult : 2 TSF twice a day half an hour before meal. Children : 1 TSF twice a day half an hour before meal. Packing : 200 ml Rumonyog Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Rumonyog Syrup contains yogvahi ingredients which specially works on joint pains and helps to give stamina to soft tissues. It removes all the types of stiffness from big and small joints. All the ingredients are powerful anti-rheumatic drugs.Composition : Each 10 ml contains : Rasna - 500 mg. Nirgundi - 500 mg. Punarnava  - 300 mg. Gokshur - 200 mg. Shuddha Guggulu - 200 mg. Shuddha Shilajit - 100 mg. Ashwagandha - 100 mg. Bala - 100 mg. Chopchini - 100 mg. Pipplimool - 100 mg. Flavoured syrup base - q.s. Medical Description : Rasna : Rasna is one of the best vayu nashak medicines. It releases the joist from vayu and makes the mobility free from pain and swelling. Nirgundi Ext. : This helps to pacify vayu from particular vat affected area. Punarnava : It removes the “aam”, indigested food products from all the channels and also works as a diuretic removes body toxins through urine. It diminishes swelling from the limbs and body. Gokshur : These herbal medicine is diuretic as well as improves joint muscle functioning. Shuddha Guggulu : This is one of the best medicines for arthritis as it dissolves all the doshas specially vat, knee doshas and cures backache, Lumber pain and joint pain. Shuddha Shilajit : Shilajit works tremendously well on vital body organs like kidney and heart as well. It is used as a general tonic. It is also diuretic and helps in dissolving body fats. Ashwagandha : It helps to control vat in all the effected parts and supports the weaker parts from getting fractured or misbalances. Bala : It is useful in cracks, skin disease as well as in joint pain & Lumber pain. Chopchini : It is mainly reduces the urea in the blood level thereby controls itching, twisting pain and burning sensation in skin and body. Also used for arthritis. Pipplimool : It is mainly used for the vataj dosha & for Avartdosh in ladies. Indications : Rheumatoid Arthritis Symovial Arthritis Lumbago Frozen Shoulder Gout Sprain Chronic backache Dosages : 1 to 2 tablespoonful twice a day.Packing : 200 ml. Weryplus Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Weryplus is quite rich in nutritive value as its contents are all helpful in malnutrition as well as it is pediatric and geriatric tonic.Composition : Each 10 ml. contains : Ashwagandha - 200 mg Satavari - 150 mg Gokshur - 150 mg Arjun Chhal - 150 mg Trifla - 120 mg Vidarikand - 100 mg Kaucha - 100 mg Astvarg - 100 mg Yasthimadhu - 100 mg Rasna - 100 mg Shuddha Shilajit - 100 mg Brahmi - 100 mg Vasa - 100 mg Trikatu -  60 mg Akkalkaro - 50 mg Jaiphal  -  50 mg Majith - 50 mg Safed Musali -  50 mg Draksha -  50 mg Pipalimool -  50 mg Vacha - 50 mg Excipients  - Q.S. Medical Description : Ashwagandha & Satavari : These two are health promoter and help to build up body resistance and Stamina. Gokshur & Arjun Chhal : These herbal medicines are diuretic as well as improves heart functioning. Trifla : It’s purgative and also improves digestion. Vidarikand : It’s full of energy and vigour. It increases body strength. Kaucha & Astvarg : These two are best for promoting good health and makes the muscle strong and energetic. It builds up the body and increases hunger and appetite. Yasthimadhu : It’s coughnashak and helps to removes chest congestion. Rasna : Vatnashak, helpful in joint pain, backache and body ache. It also works as digestive tonic. Shuddha Shilajit : It works as a general health promoter. It builds up the body. It is rasayan as well as tonic. Brahmi & Trikatu : It’s brain tonic and digestive too. Vasa : It’s kaphagna and helps to remove congestion by increasing immunity of the lungs.       Akkalkaro & Jaiphal : They help to build up body stamina and tone up the body muscles. Majith : It’s blood purifier and makes blood circulation clear Safed Musali & Draksha : These two herbal medicines are helpful in making the body muscles strong and increase vigour in the body. Pipalimool & Vacha : These two herbs are used in digestion and in dyspepsia as an appetizer. Indications : Debility Malnufrition Anemia After prolonged illness Dosages : Adult : 1 TSF thrice a day after meal. Children : 1/2 TSF thrice a day after meal. Packing : 200 ml & 450 ml Yaad Syrup Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Yaad syrup is non toxic. It sharpens memory, helps in retention and quick conception and improves grasping power. It is the best tranquilizer and works effectively as an adjuvant in convulsive therapy.Composition : Each 10 ml. contains : Shankhpuspi - 250 mg Brahmi - 250 mg Bhringraj - 200 mg     Durva - 200 mg Ashwagandha - 150 mg Satavari - 100 mg Jatamansi - 100 mg Vacha - 50 mg     Usir - 50 mg Malkangani -  50 mg Praval Pisti - 50 mg Sunthi - 40 mg Excipients  - Q.S.     Medical Description : Shankhpuspi & Brahmi : These two herbal combined help to built up confidence, retention of memory etc. It also induces natural sleep.  Bhringraj & Durva : These two medicines are sheetvirya and hence help to remove excess of pitta from the body. They help to grow good quality of hair on the scalp. Ashwagandha & Satavari : These two work as tonic as well as retains memory, Checks mental fatigue & treats nervous debility. Jatamansi & Vacha : These two are good for total absorption, retention, memory etc. They sharpen the brain to motivate the activities properly. Usir : This is one of the good medicines which help to reduce excess heat from, the body and regulate the function of the brain. Malkangni : This helps to sharpen the memory and also great use in convulsion etc., It Promotes learning and mental alertness. Praval Pisti :This is highly rich in calcium and helps to maintain the normal functioning of the brain. Sunthi : It is digestive, coughnashak and works well in sinusitis as well as increases memory. Indications : Schizophrenia Mental Retardation Psychiatric problem In convulsions   Insomnia Nervous Debility Dosages : Adult : 2 TSF thrice a day with milk or water. Children : 1 TSF thrice a day with milk or water. Packing : 200 ml & 450 ml Aree Tablets Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 AREE tablet is a wonderful formulation to break the stone by diluting its hardness.Composition : Each film coated tablet contains : Swet Parpati - 80 mg Yavkshar - 80 mg Mulikshar - 80 mg Chandraprabha - 60 mg Hajarat  Yahud Bhasma - 60 mg Pusanvajra Ras - 40 mg Trivikram Ras - 20 mg Processed in Bhavna : Pasanbhed - q.s. Satavari - q.s. Gokshur - q.s. Varunchhal - q.s. Kusa     q.s. Punarnava - q.s. Galo - q.s. Apamarg - q.s. Jatamansi - q.s. Colour Tartrazine supra - q.s. Excp. - q.s. Medical Description : Swet parpati : It is a classical preparation, useful in calculus, Dysuria and Urinary obstruction. Yavkshar & Mulikshar : It increase the flow of urine and throughout the resistance I urinary tract. Chandraprabha : It is also a classical preparation, helps in Dysuria, Urinary disorder, Urinary obstruction and also in foul of white discharge. Hajarat Yahud Bhasma : These are specially useful in Calculus. Pasanvajra Ras & Trivikram Ras : To make more strengthen of this medicine. It is processed in Bhavna materials : This process gives more power for its efficacy. Indications : Calculus Dysuria Urinary Obstruction Urinary tract infection Dosages : 1 Tablets Twice a day with water.Packing : 3x30 tab, 60 tab & 500 Tablets Coldab Tablets Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 This herbal medicine works best in upper throat infection and also in allergic condition. By working as an antibiotic it also protects lungs and bronchi from viral infection.Composition : Each Tablet Contains : Sudarshan Churna Ext. - 200 mg Godanti Bhasma - 70 mg Tribhuvankirti Ras - 50 mg Sitopaladi Churna - 40 mg Laxmivilas Ras (Naradiya) - 20 mg Shrung Bhasma - 20 mg Medical Description : Laxmivilas Ras : This herbal medicine helps in liquefying the cough and in exudation. Sudarshan Churna Ext. : This helps in controlling cough, cold and fever. It makes expectoration easy. Godanti & Shrung Bhasma : These two calcium products liquefy the cough and avoid congestion in chest. It remove blockage as well. Tribhuvankirti Ras : It is one of the best medicines for cough. It is decongestant and helps to remove nasal blockage. Sitopaladi Churna : It is a good expectorant and works well in infection. Indications : Common cough & cold Influenza Headache Bronchitis Rhinitis Allergic Rhinitis Dosages : Two Tablets Thrice a day with lukewarm water.Packing : 30 & 500 Tablets Dabolex Tablets Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Dabolax is an excellent laxative and works wonderfully in severe constipation. It can be vastly used in chronic constipation, piles, fissures etc.Composition : Each Tablet Contains : Himaj Churna - 200 mg                     Nasottar Churna - 100 mg Sonamukhi Churna - 60 mg Shuddha Jaypalbij Churna - 40 mg          Medical Description : Himaj Churna & Shuddha Jaypalbij : These two herbal medicines helps to have clear flushing of the bowel thus avoid constipation. Nasottar Churna & Sonamukhi Churna : Being laxative help to have smooth passage of stool. It is safe and nontoxic. Indications : Chronic constipation Piles Fistula Anal Fissures Dosages : 2 Tablets once in the night with Luke warm water.Packing : 30 & 500 Tablet Gynarim Tablets Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 An important part of woman’s health is related to her Gynecological activities. Gynarim tablet tone up the every system and regulates the hormones as she  require with her age.  Composition : Each film coated tablet contains : Swet Chandan - 0 mgShalmali - 10 mg Lavang - 10 mg Kankol - 10 mg Swet Jirak - 10 mg Nagkesar - 0 mg Jatamansi - 10 mg Sunthi - 10 mg Bang Bhasma - 5 mg Kasis Bhasma - 5 mg Mandur Bhasma - 5 mg Mukta Bhasma - 5 mg Shuddha Gairik - 5 mg Abhrak Bhasma - 2 mg Ashok - 450 mg Lodhra - 50 mg Harde -  0 mg Ardusi - 10 mg Satavari - 10 mg Devdar - 10 mg Amala - 10 mg Nyagrodha (Vat) - 10 mg Jasvand - 10 mg Tamalkhana - 10 mg Colour Carmosine - q.s. Excipients - q.s. Medical Description : Swet Chandan : This is shitvirya aushadhi (cold in nature) & helps in normal menstrual blood flow and eradicate the extra heat of body. Shalmali : It helps as implantation, reduces excess flow of blood and reduce the burning sensation of body. Lavang : It is helpful in vomiting for pregnant ladies. And also in regulars the cycle. Kankol : It is useful as a side medicine to cure other problems like weakness, Loss of appetite, Gastric problems. Swet Jirak : To minimize inflammation on womb it is very useful herb. Also useful in Gastric pain & well purifier of womb. Nagkesar & Lodhra : Both are have a stringent quality and .hence controls excessive menstrual flow avoids leucorrhoea outflow and foul discharge too. Jatamansi : Useful in Raktpitta, Ratva, Raktshrav and pain in abdomen. Sunthi : Useful in pain, yonishul, Fever, White discharge and in loss of appetite. Bang - Abhrak – Kasis – Mandur Bhasma : These four are for build up the stamina and recovery from blood flow, It increases the level of Hemoglobin in the body. Mukta Bhasma and Shuddha Gairika : It is useful in deficiency of calcium and helps to reduce the pain in joint parts of the body. Ashok : Blood purifier and it avoids painful and irregular menstrual discharge. Harde & Amala : These are two herbs useful in digestive and appetizer, avoiding constipation and keeps the bowel free of gases. Ardusi and Satavari : These help to control all the dosh as and tones up the uterine muscles and stimulates ovaries. Devdar : It helps in tridosha to regularize the menstrual system. Nyagrodha (Vat) : Useful in implantation and in urinary problem as well as blood purifier also. Jasavand & Tamalkhana : Useful in control excess blood flow and in implantation. Regulates manstred flow and stimulates ovaries. Indications : Metorrhagia Dysmenorrhea Polymenorrhoea Metritis Leucorrhoel foul discharge Amoebic Colitis Ovarian Cyst Dosages : Two tablets twice a day with water or as directed by the physician..Packing : 3 x 30 Tab, 60 Tab & 500 Tablets Perali Tablets Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Perali is a unique research drug of “Dhanvantari Guj. Herb” creating miraculous result on paralysis and various nervous and skeletal disorders.Composition : Each Tablet contains : Shuddha Bhallatak - 100 mg Shuddha Guggulu - 100 mg Nirgundi Ext. - 75 mg Ekangvir Ras - 75 mg Bruhat-Vat Chintamani Ras - 50 mg Yogendra Ras - 50 mg Medical Description : Bruhat-Vat Chintamani Ras : This is one of the best ingredients which work as best vatnashak and makes the affected part free of dishes. It strengthens and tones up the muscles of the paralytic part and creates sensation and movement in the affected part. Yogendra Ras : It is wonderful drug with efficiency of creating normal movements and brings back gait of the patients without any tremors and lingering. Bhallatak : This is also known as agni in Ayurved. It produces heat and sensation in the limb which makes the circulation of other medicines easier and quicker. Guggulu : Guggulu has a highly volatile gum resin hence it is used in Rheumatism, Nervous diseases and Skin diseases. In Rheumatism it is taken internally as well as used in local application. It as also used as “Bhagma Sandhanak” i.e. used in fracture healing. It is also a good diuretic hence passes the toxins of the blood through urine. Ekangvir Ras : As per its name it is special medicine for Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Facial paralysis etc. It helps in warming up the body and helps in proper flow of blood in the affected part thereby brings back the normal activities of the paralytic patients. Nirgundi Ext. : Nirgundi has the quality of eradicating vayu from the minute organs of the body. It pierces in the blood and lymphatic and sets the affected part free from dashes and improves the body channels by toning up the body muscles. “Hence perali is all the way drug of choice in all types of vatic disorder.” Indications : Paralysis Hemiplegia Paraplegia Facial Paralysis Sciatica Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis Spondylitis Post Surgical Condition in Orthopedic Cases Contra- Indication : As perali contains “Bhallatak” patient should avoid taking sour food, garlic raw onion during its use. More expose to sun rays should also be avoided.Remedy : Discontinue the treatment and application of coconut oil on the body.Dosages : Adult : One tablet thrice a day.(Approx. for  one month) - Half tablet thrice a day (Approx. for two months) Children : Above one year and below five year - ¼th tablet twice a day (Approx. for the three months.) Children : Above five years and below ten years - Half tablet twice a day (Approx. for three month.) Packing : 10 tab, 20 tab & 500 Tablets Pyleswin Tablets Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 This herbal medicine helps to restrict blooding piles and burning sensation. It avoids local anatomists of blood vessels and congestion by proper blood circulation.Composition : Each sugar coated tablet contains : Shuddha Guggulu - 35 mg Shuddha Shilajit - 25 mg Nagkesar - 15 mg Ashwagandha Ext. - 32 mg Nimb bij - 140 mg Gulabpatti - 100 mg Processed in : Haritaki - 32 mg Bibhitak - 32 mg Amala - 32 mg Daruharidra - 32 mg Kanchnar - 32 mg Vacha - 20 mg Surankand - 20 mg Colour Iron oxide black - q.s. Excp. - q.s. Medical Description: Shuddha Guggulu : Useful in fistula, It is mild laxative, removes inflammation in anal region & worms. Shuddha Shilajit : This is mild laxative, gas remover, purgative and gives peaceful outlet of stool. Nagkesar : It is digestive as well as checks anal bleeding thereby taking care of the surrounding fascia from infection and help to shrink pile mass. Ashwagandha Ext. : It is health promoter and avoids inflammation. Nimb Bij : It is krumihar (wormicidal), helps in ulcer and very useful medicine for skin disease. Gulabpatti : It is mild laxative, stool purifier and cleans it. Haritaki, Bibhitak & Amala : All these are mild laxatives and makes smooth the anal region. Daruharidra : It is useful in Hemorrhoids and Prevent the ulcers. Kanchnar : It helps to prevent inflammation of anal region and works as mild laxative. Vacha : It is useful in Fistula and Hemorrhoids. Surankand : Very useful in inflammation in anal region, Hemorrhoids, Fistula. Indications : Acute and chronic piles Hemorrhoids Anal Fissures Thrombophlebitis Chronic constipation In Purities Fistula Dosages : Two tablets thrice a day with water.Packing : 3 x 30 tab, 60 tab & 500 tablets Shilajit Capsules Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Shilajit with its aphrodisiac power maintains vigor and urge of sex. It helps in weak libido, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission etc.Composition : Each capsule contains : Shilajit - 600 mg Medical Description : Shilajit is a complete medicine by itself. By its aphrodisiac power it controls all the types of sexual debilities. It also works as a general tonic; works well in diabetes and also reduces psychological stress.Indications : Sexual debility Spermatorrhoea Weak libido Male menopausal syndrome Impotency Dosages : 2 capsule twice a day with milk.Packing : 30 & 500 Capsules Zoman Capsules Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 It enriches the semen in thickness, Consistency, Motility count etc. It increases vitality, energy and stamina in the body. It works as a vital instrument in removing infertility and sterility.Composition : Each capsule Contains : Vasant Kusumakar Ras - 10 mg Makardhwaj - 10 mg Ras Sindoor - 25 mg Kesar - 5 mg Chopchini Churna - 25 mg Bang Bhasma - 50 mg Abhrak Bhasma - 25 mg Ashwagandha Ext. - 100 mg Kapoor - 5 mg Kaucha Ext. - 50 mg Shuddha Shilajit - 25 mg Yasthimadhu - 50 mg Pipalimool - 30 mg Akkalkaro- 25 mg Shuddha Kunchala - 10 mg Khaskhas - 30 mg Suvarn Bhasma -   5 mg Safed musali - 20 mg Medical Description : Vasant Kusumakar Ras : It is a general tonic as well as works very well in Diabetes and sexual disorder. It increases desire and maintains erection during coitus. Makardhwaj : It increases zeal, vigour and improves quality and quality of the sperm, it checks premature ejaculation. Ras Sindoor & Kesar : These two herbal medicines work as blood purifier and improves complexion of the body. They help to promote good quality of semen sperm. Chopchini & Bang Bhasma : They increase vitality, Vigour and improve sexual desire also. They also work very well on urinary tract infection. Abhrak Bhasma & Ashwagandha Ext. : These two are health promoter as well as work very well in reproductive system. They increase quality and quality of semen by enriching it with all the eight good qualities of semen told in granthas. Kapoor & Kaucha Ext. : These two herbal medicines increase the sperm count, its thickness, motility etc. Shuddha Shilajit : This can be taken as a tonic and it also works as a main single drug medicine in oligospermia and in male infertility. It proves aphrodisiac power of shilajit. Yasthimadhu : These two herbal medicines avoid dysfunctional uterine bleeding and also tone up the uterine muscles. Pipalimool & Akkalkaro : These helps to control vat, pitta and cough in the body and also helpful to improve quality and quality of semen. Shuddha Kunchala : This helps in proper functioning of semen. It avoids nocturnal emissions. Khaskhas : This helps in proper digestion and to improve quality of semen. Suvarn Bhasma : It increases stamina and works as rasayan in the body. It improves the quality as semen and is good blood purifier as well as helpful in male sterility. It improves libido. Safed Musali : These two herbal medicines are helpful in making the body muscles strong and increase vigour in the body. Indications : In Oligospermia In Male infertility & sterility In Frigidity In male menopausal syndrome In Debility Sex stimulizer Weak libido Nocturnal Emission Spermatorrhoea Dosages : One Capsule twice a day with milkPacking : 10 & 500 Tablets Glyoherb Granules Tue, 25 Apr 2017 00:00:00 +0530 Diabetes mellitus is a metabolic disorder in which there is inability to oxidize carbohydcemia, glycosuria, polyuria, thirst, hunger, emaciation, weakness, acidosis, sometime leading to dyspnea, lipemia, ketonuria and finally coma. Composition :      Each 100 gm Contains : Gudmar Ext. - 15 gm Mahamejva Ext. - 6 gm Katuki Ext. - 6 gm Chirayata - 6 gm Karela Ext. - 6 gm Indrajav Ext. - 3 gm Amala Ext. - 6 gm Gokshur Ext. - 3 gm Haritaki Ext. - 6 gm Jambu bij Ext. - 6 gm Methi Ext. - 3 gm Neem Patti Ext. - 6 gm Chandraprabha - 3 gm Arogyavardhini - 3 gm Haridra Ext. - 3 gm Bang Bhasma - 3 gm Devdar Ext. - 3 gm Daruhaldi Ext. - 2 gm Nagarmoth Ext. - 2 gm Shuddha Shilajit - 3 gm Galo Ext. - 3 gm     Excp. - Q.S.     Medical Description : Amala Ext. : Contain a lot of vitamin C, Increases resistant power, Improving the immunological barrier given along with HALDI in diabetes to lowering blood & urine sugar. Arogyavardhini : Corrects metabolism, Restores liver functions & General health. Chandraprabha : Tone up whole genitor - urinary-System. Bang Bhasma : Helps in the genitor urinary disorders improve quality of insulin. Daruhaldi Ext. : It helps in Antimicrobial-Anti bacterial reduces muscle cramps and thirst. Gudmar Ext. : It improves activity of B islets of pancreas. Galo Ext. : It has avoidable effects on Glucose tolerance; Glucose up takes Detoxification and hepatic Stimulation. Haridra Ext. : Blood purifier Anti inflammatory, Antiseptics to taxiing effects. To lowering down blood & urine sugar given along with Amala in diabetes. Haritaki Ext. : It improves metabolism Effective in Asthma - Diabetes- Cardiovascular disease - kidney diseases. Indrajav Ext. : Useful as warmicide useful in Amoebic Bacillary dysentery & Colic pain. Jambu Bij Ext. : Contains glucoside jamblina which have the power of checking the pathological conversion of starch in to sugar. Chirayata Ext. : Antipyretic, useful in Acidity Lymphainopathy, corrects metabolism Normalize blood sugar. Karela Ext. : Stimulates secretion from pancreas and lowering peripheral blood Sugar. Mahamejva Ext. : Bitter tonic reduces blood Sugar mildly. Methi Ext. : Proven hypoglycemic effect and lipid lowering properties. Its regulates glucose metabolism & stimulating liver activities. Neem Patti Ext. : Bitter tonic, has wound healing and Anti Inflammatory properties Helps to stimulate pancreas secretion. It is prophylactic in micro-angina pathy. Nagarmoth Ext. : Corrects metabolism overcame excessive thirst. Shuddha Shilajit : It helps in oedema. It has tonic effects. Its all time useful in DM and all time useful in Diabetes mellitus. Gokshur Ext. : These herbal medicine is diuretic as well as improves heart functioning. Devdar Ext. : This is herb play good role in simple as well as in infectious type of diarrhea. Katuki Ext. : This herbal medicine is appetizer, digestive and carminative too. Actions : Insulin mimics effect for optimum peripheral utilization of Glucose. Reducing the total insulin requirement by delaying Glucose absorption from intestine. Activates pancreas to secrete insulin without risk of hypoglycemia better management of diabetes mellitus. Helps regeneration & repair of islets of langerhans. Effective in both obese and not obese, and also reduce the cholesterol. Use of Glyoherb offers no risk of nephrotoxicity and hepatotaxicity in short or long term usage. Benefits : Regulator Glucose & lipid metabolism as a adjuvant in management of thus help Diabetes mellitin. Over comes fatigue, urination & excessive thirst and tones up bocly. Tones the function of never – Eyes & kidneys. Synergistic or Adjuvant to oral anti hypergolic caemic & insulin therapy. Anti – oxidant – Cardio – protective neurotonic. Acts as lmmunomefulator – anti microbial.   Dosages : 1 Pouch before / after break fast. 1 Pouch before / after dinner. Packing : Box Packing 60 pouch